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We are New Focus Video,
videographers and storytellers.

Wedding Day

Breathtaking video for your wedding. We are experts

at capturing your story on your big day. Learn More

Fancy Night Event

We can cover your special event​ no matter if it's a party,

a conference, or anything in between. Learn More

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Captivating advertisements and video campaign

strategies for your business or brand. Learn More


Live streaming is a great way to enhance your video experience, add it on to any of our services. Learn More

About Us

We started out as some friends making short films. They were nerdy, funny, or scary movies, that we just made for fun. After a while we realized we were pretty good at it. So we thought, if we can make cool movies, we could probably make really great video content for others too.

Today, we are some of the top production professionals based in Rhode Island. We’ve worked in many different venues on a variety of projects, all over New England. If you explore our services you'll see our skills are well versed and diversified. We're always looking for exciting new opportunities to make us think outside the box and to help others through our work. Our creative minds drive us to come up with unique ways to use our video skills, and are constantly looking for new sources of inspiration. We are passionate about our work and we believe in putting our skills and innovation at the forefront of our projects. Get in touch with us today to see what we can do for you.


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