Professional Live Streaming


We'll do it live!

- Add to any of our services
- Live editing with multiple cameras
- Stream to any platform
- Hotspot available

Live streaming provides a real-time video feed to any number of people online. Streaming can be a complex task to tackle, but we have the knowledge and equipment required to put your mind at ease and deliver a professional live production.


For weddings and special occasions, this allows friends and family members who are not able to attend to watch live on their computer or mobile device.

For events and businesses live streaming enables viewers from anywhere to tune in to your demonstration, conference or presentation.


A high speed internet connection is required to live stream. Ideally, we would communicate with your venue to setup a wired internet connection, which is the most stable. For locations that do not have internet available, a hotspot can be provided but will typically sacrifice quality.

Due to all the variables involved, we're not able to offer a flat rate price for live streaming. We encourage you to contact us to discuss your needs so we can send you a quote.

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