Cinematic Wedding Videography

Let's Tell Your Story

- No hourly limit

- Multiple videographers

- Movie-quality cameras

- Custom keepsakes

- Drone video available

- Live streaming available

We know planning a wedding is tough, so we want to make things easy for you. There aren't a dozen packages to go through and no fancy gimmicks, just everything we need to make you a beautiful wedding film.


Our service is $2,400. We are a two person crew, with movie-quality cameras and pro equipment. We also offer drone video and live streaming options.


We film both parties getting ready, first looks, ceremony, reception and any other special moments you might have planned. We don't have an hourly limit, we film until we have all the footage we need to make you an awesome video. Typically, we'll head out about an hour after you and your guests hit the dance floor.


Once we have our footage, we create two videos. One is a highlight video that is about five minutes long, which is great for sharing with friends and family. The other is the full video that usually runs an hour or more with all the footage from the day. This will include your ceremony, speeches and dances in full.


We supply you with two keepsakes (see below). First is customized USB drive containing both videos. Second is a Motionbook with your highlight video. We can also supply DVD discs upon request. The best part is, most videographers take months to send couples their video, but our turnaround time is typically just two to four weeks!


Crystal USB Flash Drives

Available in silver, gold or rose gold, engraved with your names and date. Includes both videos.


Wooden USB Flash Drives

Available in walnut or maple, engraved with your names and date. Includes both videos.



Linen-bound video albums featuring your highlight video. With a 7" screen, speakers and rechargeable battery all built into a sleek design. Simply open the cover and relive your big day over and over.


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